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Wyndham Reviews
From hell to heaven
New Orleans,LA   Jul 15, 2015
I made a big mistake. I stayed at the country inn and suites to start my trip off in Orleans because I couldnt get a night in La Belle Maison. Get to country at 2am then woke up at 9:30 am to them jackhammering the floor. Then went to the front desk and had the owner of the hotel tell me if I didnt like it to get out of his hotel. After a quick packing and a great cab ride, La Belle Maison customer service is what I love to see in a hotel. The Property is beautiful and clean. The people that work have wondrful smiles and you feel like its place you want to spend time at. We already like it so much we are planning on coming back just to stay and take in the city. A great place to stay and looking forward to more time in the future at this hotel.
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