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Quintana Roo, Mexico

Quintana Roo The ancient Maya once traveled to this serene island to worship the goddess Ixchel. Today, you can visit the destination to worship the sun, sand and surf. Discover a tropical sanctuary of relaxation and recreation, a sun-drenched island where you can choose your own adventure. Swim with dolphins or whale sharks in the warm Caribbean waters, or tour one of the world's best underwater museums. Savor the sunset from the cliffs of Punta Sur, or from the comfort of a hammock on the beach.

On your Mexico vacation, you can also explore ancient archaeological sites built by the Maya, like the mysterious temple of Ixchel. Snorkel in dazzling coral reefs, go zip lining through the jungle, or rent a sea kayak and cruise along the coast. Dine at authentic local restaurants serving the freshest Mexican cuisine, and head to nearby Cancun for designer shopping. When you stay at one of the Quintana Roo, Mexico resorts, you can experience the very best of the Yucatan Peninsula

Weather - Climate (average high-low temperature)

  • January: 81-65°F
  • February: 82-67°F
  • March: 85-69°F
  • April: 88-72°F
  • May: 89-75°F
  • June: 91-77°F
  • July: 93-78°F
  • August: 93-77°F
  • September: 90-75°F
  • October: 88-74°F
  • November: 84-69°F
  • December: 82-69°F

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Nearby Airports

  • Cancun

Medical Facilities

  • Centro de Salud (Health Center)
  • Navy Hospital (Located Mid-island)
  • Red Cross is Isla Mujeres (Colonia Gloria)