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Overgaard Attractions & Things To Do

Overgaard Attractions Step back in time and into the Old West at Bison Ranch, a recreated town from the 1800s and popular vacation destination in colorful central Arizona. Located in Overgaard, Bison Ranch is a fun place to discover interesting shops, enjoy fine dining and see real live bison. Nearby this unique family destination are endless opportunities for outdoor recreation, including hiking, biking, fishing, boating and horseback riding. Explore scenic canyons, rugged desert landscape, lushly forested mountains, ancient rock art and picturesque lakes in this beautiful region of Arizona.
Overgaard AZApache and Sitgreaves National Forest
Discover over two million acres of wild forest at this protected mountain area, which is also home to eight lakes and the Mongollon Rim. Enjoy sweeping views of the low lands, hike pristine trails through the verdant forests and head to the White Mountains for excellent skiing and snowboarding in the winter.
Springerville, AZ

Black Canyon Rock ShelterBlack Canyon Rock Shelter
Explore an excavated archaeological site hidden in the trees near Heber in the Apache and Sitgreaves National Forests, overlooking a green valley several hundred meters below. Follow the trail through ponderosa pines to find Western Apache rings in this enigmatic ancient shelter and rock art in the deeply incised style of the Yavapai.
Overgaard, AZ

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Kinishba RuinsKinishba Ruins
Visit the ruins of an ancient pueblo, a massive archaeological site containing nine buildings and six hundred rooms. Ancestral to the Hopi and Zuni cultures, this sprawling complex was constructed between 1250 and 1350 AD and is situated above a grassy valley.
Fort Apache Indian Reservation,
Whiteriver, AZ

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Meteor CraterMeteor Crater
50,000 years ago a massive meteorite crashed into central Arizona, and today the impact site is a giant crater over 1,200 meters in diameter and 170 meters deep. At the Visitor Center you can peer over the edge of the rim, touch real meteorites and book a guided tour.
Interstate 40,
Winslow, AZ

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Mongollon RimMongollon Rim
A steep escarpment at 7000' that divides the northern plateau from lower south and central areas, the Mongollon Rim is a topographical feature with diverse rock formations, spectacular canyons and forested mountains. A place of beauty, mystery and solitude, the rim runs over 200 miles long and separates the cool high country from the hot desert land below.
Payson, AZ

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