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Fabulous! Must stay and return!
We just returned home from a four day stay at the Wyndham La Belle Maison and I must say it was one of the most pleasant stays I have ever had! The rooms were extraordinarily clean, well maintained and comfortable. Their staff was very friendly and helpful. I felt like I was staying at a friend's house! Highly recommend staying here and I hope to return soon!

Wyndham La Belle Maison
New Orleans, LA

Jan 22, 2016
Beautiful Resort
This resort was gorgeous! The staff was incredible! This resort is located in the perfect location. We went to celebrate my brother's 30th Birthday and my mother's 60th Birthday and we were beyond pleased. The only thing I would say we were unhappy about was the rooms we were staying in had no stove or stove-top. We planned on cooking a few meals and were disappointed to find out that there are only a few f
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Wyndham La Belle Maison
New Orleans, LA

Jan 09, 2016
We stayed at La Belle Maison post Thanksgiving week , November/December 2015.. We were guests and non owners. Because of late plans and making reservations we had split reservations. Which required us to checkout of the room and check in a different room. but even with that Michelle at the front desk was extremely nice and accommodating. We love the rooms, they are spacious and comfortable. The entire sta
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Wyndham La Belle Maison
New Orleans, LA

Dec 11, 2015
From hell to heaven
I made a big mistake. I stayed at the country inn and suites to start my trip off in Orleans because I couldnt get a night in La Belle Maison. Get to country at 2am then woke up at 9:30 am to them jackhammering the floor. Then went to the front desk and had the owner of the hotel tell me if I didnt like it to get out of his hotel. After a quick packing and a great cab ride, La Belle Maison customer service
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Wyndham La Belle Maison
New Orleans, LA

Jul 15, 2015
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