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Wyndham Reviews
Bad Management
Las Vegas,NV   Mar 12, 2016
I am totally pissed with the manger Joe McGovner. We stayed at the resort in Dec around the holidays and my mother realized after we checked out she left her cell phone. In the room. 1st we were told that no one had been in the room, but when we went back to retrieve it it was where she left it.. Being an owner of Whyndham for over 20 years to be treated in that manner is really disappointing. I would never recommend this resort to anyone, I have told this story to even the head of customer Care Erin Hair after talking to Maryann, Ameila and the only thing we received from that situation is a 5 day free night stay. Really. Ok we have points and the fact of the matter is if you are managing a property and you tell me that there is NOTHING ELSE you can do REALLY !!!!! If that is how you treat your owners how do you treat non owners ??? I have no respect for liers and the person that stole my mother cell phone, as God as my witness. You might think you got away with something, but you didn't. One day you will be faced with this again. The fact that JOE MCGOVNER Lied to me. You are gonna pay as well. I will pay money to stay at another place before I step foot in the WHYNDHAM GRAND DESERT . I do not deal well with liers and thieves.
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Response from Wyndham® Extra Holidays:We are sorry to hear that your phone is missing, as we know this is of important value to you. After researching your concerns we confirmed that resort staff did conduct a security Investigation and there were no signs of foul play. We were also able to confirm that you spoke with our Owner Services department and they compensated you with a 5 night stay voucher for your frustrations. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance. Thank you for bring this to our attention.