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Wyndham Reviews
2016 Vacation
Las Vegas,NV   Aug 17, 2016
We are owners and this was our first stay here. We had a one bedroom condo. The rooms are spacious enough for 2 people. Our condo was in bldg #4. There wasn't a lot of outside noise which was great. The kitchen appliances left a bit to be desired, as well as the washer and dryer (very small). All were definitely dated and loud. We also found that there was no maid service unless we paid a fee of $84. I thought as owners, we would have had at least one day of maid service included. Because there was just the two of us, cleaning up was manageable, with more people it wouldn't have been as easy. There are convenient shuttles for grocery shopping and getting to the Strip for the Casinos. If we visit this location again with 2 more people, we would definitely get a 2 bedroom, because the Murphy bed opens into the living room space.
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