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Great resort
We stayed here just this past August in 4 studio units. 5 months prior, my sister decided she wanted to get married in Waikiki so I had to scramble to find affordable accommodations for all of us. We loved this resort. The staff was so helpful. There was an incident where my sister and her husband was stuck in the elevator for 45 minutes or so but they compensated them fairly well for that. We were imp
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Wyndham Vacation Resorts Royal Garden at Waikiki
Honolulu, Oahu, HI

Nov 13, 2015
Daughters graduation present
I surprised my daughter with a trip to Hawaii for her high school graduation. The resort was actually under renovation at the time but we had a great time and the staff was very friendly. The resort was close to alot of attractions so we were able to walk to most places. She is always asking to go back but now that we are paying for college it wont be any time soon. Thanks for the memories.

Wyndham Vacation Resorts Royal Garden at Waikiki
Honolulu, Oahu, HI

Feb 27, 2013
Excellent Accomadations and Service
Long term business stay (2 months), Not a single day went by where this talented and friendly staff didn't make my stay the best. Location and cleanliness are A+!!!! Almost didn't leave because of the hotel feel =D Mahalo Friends!

Wyndham Vacation Resorts Royal Garden at Waikiki
Honolulu, Oahu, HI

Feb 15, 2013
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