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Guerrero, Mexico

Guerrero, Mexico Discover a relaxing destination on the Pacific Coast of Mexico with postcard-perfect beaches, exciting water activities, and a dynamic collection of shops, restaurants and cantinas. Ideal for romantic escapes, family trips and adventure travel, a Mexico vacation offers something for everyone.

Planning a beachside vacation? Guerrero Mexico facts will tell you about the stunning historical sites, rainforest mountains, and cultural craft markets. But only a trip to the area will let you experience the welcoming atmosphere and laid-back pace of life. You simply have to feel it for yourself.

Weather - Climate (average high temperature)

  • January: 89°F
  • February: 89°F
  • March: 89°F
  • April: 91°F
  • May: 92°F
  • June: 91°F
  • July: 91°F
  • August: 91°F
  • September: 90°F
  • October: 91°F
  • November: 91°F
  • December: 90°F

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