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Wyndham Reviews
Fairfield Glade,TN   Mar 17, 2015
Went for a seven day vacation during spring break, wanted to get away from the city life of Miami. Even though it rained during the entire seven days, it was very relaxing, me and my girlfriend stayed in the One Bedroom Deluxe. During the time, due to the rain, we couldn't golf, use the Marina, nor do most of the physical activities on the resort. We did go to the local winery's and all the one's part of the Upper Cumberland Wine Trail, which was fun. But, as relaxing as the resort may be, it's not really family related, it's more appreciated by older personal or persons who just wanted to get away from everything, not much to do for the younger group, plus, everything is seasonal in the area. So, if you plan on going, make sure whatever you want to do is opened ahead of time, because not everything will be. Customer Service was friendly, though not everything was liked, the bar's onsite say need more spirits and the bartender needs to learn more cocktails, the water heater doesn't stay hot long enough for two personal to take a ten minute shower back to back, the WiFi is very slow, even when the resort has low showings, and the modem for it makes a loud high frequency pitch that needs to be played with for it to stop, and the store's and restaurants on site close fairly early. Even with all the issues, the Resort did accomplish the primary reason we attended it, and because of that we enjoyed our stay.
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