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Don't come here
Daytona Beach,FL   Mar 19, 2016
Comments: I am VERY disappointed in this place and have even not even made it to our room. I have had a very stressful few months and wanted to get away with family for a few days to just relax. We got here early to avoid traffic from a 2 hour drive. I understand check in is 4 but when your told to come back at 11 and may possibly get in sinner and we do and then told it''s almost done so to do the pre check in because it is close to being done and to be told we will be called. 2 hours later we call for them to tell us we are not ready and the lady was rude to us not once but 3 times after. Your customer service is very poor and I WILL NEVER STAY IN ANY OF YOUR ESTABLISHMENTS again. If it wasn''t for being spring break I would of left. I should of just gone back home but I paid goodonly with my sister in law to stay in a not so nice environment as far as your customer service goes. My sister in law was told from the very beginning that we needed to wait until we got to the hotel to see if they would discount her AAA okay then be told that they don''t do that there that they were told wrong everybody that we have spoke to anything we''ve asked one person says one thing another person says they shouldn''t of told us that you need to have a very good training session with your employees on what the rules and regulations are your hotel. I will Definitely never encourage anyone to stay here. Again I don''t mind waiting because I understand that the check and was not till 4 but I don''t appreciate the rudeness of your staff. Nor the fact they have no clue what can or can''t even done. I just finally got into room and if I had to pay over 250 a night for those room I would be upset. Balcony looks like crap, walls in bedroom looks like someone colored on them with dirt. Molding around doors are cracked. Not what I expected but guess that goes with the customer service. Thanks,
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Response from Wyndham® Extra Holidays:We apologize for your delay at check-in. We know after a long day of traveling the last thing you want to do is wait to get into your room. We were able to confirm that the resort management team reached out and you were able to reach a satisfactory resolution for these issues. Thank you for guiding us on what needs improving.