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Lake Chelan, WA Vacations & All-Season Recreation

Chelan, Washington One of the deepest lakes in America is also one of the most loved, dotted with secluded outposts, seaplane landings and boating sports. Lake Chelan vacations embody all these things, alongside more than 250 acres of wine vineyards, winter skiing and warm weather recreation.
Apple season transforms North Central Washington into an edible paradise for fruit-lovers, followed shortly after by beautiful winters with ample snowfall for miles of Nordic ski trails, snow tube runs and snowmobiling routes for enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Chelan, Washington Vacation Destination

Just 5 miles from some of the best wine country in Washington, this peaceful resort offers guests a restful retreat and perfect home base for adventure in the Cascade Mountains. Warm weather guests on Lake Chelan vacations love winery tours and refreshing recreation like swimming, fly fishing and water skiing. In the winter, local volunteer groups groom Nordic ski trails and over 150 miles of snowmobile routes, with warming stations throughout.
While Chelan's also the Apple Capital of Washington, there are plenty of indoor things to do as well. Within 1 mile of Lake House Resort, you'll find gourmet cooking shops (Culinary Apple), sporting outfitters (Lake Chelan Sports), iconic bars (Campbell's Pub& Veranda), turn-of-the-century general stores (Whaley's), a custom frame and furnishings depot (Black Dog) and much more. For truly adventurous types, local hang-gliding, whitewater rafting and electric biking tours are also available.

Weather - Climate (average high temperature)

  • January: 29°F
  • February: 34°F
  • March: 43°F
  • April: 63°F
  • May: 71°F
  • June: 78°F
  • July: 86°F
  • August: 87°F
  • September: 78°F
  • October: 63°F
  • November: 45°F
  • December: 34°F

Nearby Cities/Towns

  • Wenatchee - 57 miles
  • Yakima - 157 miles
  • Spokane - 180 miles
  • Seattle - 198 miles

Nearby Airports

  • Lake Chelan Airport
  • Chelan Municipal Airport
  • Pangborn Memorial Airport
  • Yakima Air Terminal
  • Spokane International Airport
  • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Medical Facilities

  • Lake Chelan Community Hospital
  • Lake Chelan Specialty Clinic
  • Lake Chelan Clinic PC
  • Columbia Valley Community Health Center