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Wyndham Reviews
Has great potential...will try again, maybe.
Branson,MO   Nov 13, 2015
Overall, the resort is an ideal location with very kind RCI/Concierge staff to help us navigate our Branson plans. Here are the areas of concern/recommendations for improvement: 1) The wifi is not consistent, 2) When we had to move rooms, the staff were helpful, but the second room smelled all too lived in, 3) w/RCI, we were told our move was necessary due to the class of room...but they moved us to a near identical unit, 4) When our new key didn't work, the staff member sent, showed up to say, "What's going on here?"...rude. 5) There seemed to be mold in the spa tub jets. None of these things will keep us from staying again given the right check in date/season for us with our RCI points, but to be competitive, that's our feedback for the resort.
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Response from Wyndham® Extra Holidays:Thank you for providing this feedback. We have recently been in the process of changing wifi service providers and at the time of your visit we were experiencing some connectivity issues. We did provide all guests with a letter at check in regarding the change over and indicated that additional wifi would be provided at no charge in the check in and activities lobbies if there were issues in the guest unit. In regards to the unit smell, we don't show that management was alerted to this concern. Should anything of this nature happen in the future please don't hesitate to reach out so we can resolve a concern of this matter. In regards to changing rooms, during the 2nd portion of your stay a room move was required to provide a previous reservation with a "lock off" which consisted of your 1st unit and an adjacent unit. This was unavoidable due to occupancy restrictions. In regards to staff concerns, we have identified the staff member who assisted you and have provided additional training. In regards to the concerns with the spa tub jets, we checked with our maintenance crew who confirmed there was some discoloration due to the age of the tub but nothing excessive.¬†We will make attempts to have the tub surface buffed to try to improve the appearance. Thank you again for providing this information so we can continue to improve the guest stay.