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Great location, great stay
We purchased an extra week through RCI and planned to stay for a long weekend. The room was clean, spotless, and all necessary furnishings were in the room. The children enjoyed the indoor pool and activities. We felt very safe and welcome. Every time we walked in the resort or got on elevator, we were greeted. We received several calls throughout our stay ensuring we had everything we need. We loved
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Wyndham Skyline Tower
Atlantic City , NJ

Nov 01, 2013
Pleased Customer
I stayed at the resort it was really nice. I cant complain. They treated us like it was all about us. What ever we needed they were like johnny on the spot. We were on the 28th floor the view was awsome(smile) The service desk clerk made us really feel at home. I would really recommend this resort to my friends and family.

Wyndham Skyline Tower
Atlantic City , NJ

Oct 24, 2012
Love the new rooms
We like the new furniture in the rooms. It is very comfortable. The staff were very friendly and helpful. We had dinner at Gallaghers Steakhouse at Resorts, the steak was melt in your mouth good.

Wyndham Skyline Tower
Atlantic City , NJ

Feb 04, 2012
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